SCCARFS Pet Connection Project – External CNR Proposal

Hi Everyone..
(With reference to Catalina’s Neuter and Release Program Thread)

Thank you again for your interest in collaborating with SCCARFS Pet Connection Project for the care and welfare of the stray animals..

We at SCCARFS are all for the CNR Program.

In fact, we have been preaching about it like a broken record since Day One.. and not only that, we have been practising it too.. though we prefer to try to find the animals a home first.

What Catalina is spearheading is new to us. We truly appreciate all the effort that she has put into the above mentioned thread! It’s people like her that truly care for the welfare of the animals.. and just knowing that makes our day!!

Since we have already been doing this as a personal project, we were hoping for SCCARFS PCP to further bloom with the participation of others..

With reference to the Neuter and Release Thread, there are details that needs to be finalised..

For example.. who brings in the animals, the other medical care and attention during the stay and most importantly, WE have to decide how and where to release these animals so that life is actually better for them, etc etc.

No point releasing them for them to face a host of other problems, like starvation and diseases from others in the existing colony..

All these needs to be considered.. and more..

It’s not that SCCARFS’s response has been lukewarm.. We have been spending many nights awake trying to figure out the details.. (I can assure you.. WE at SCCARFS now have no life except for our own work that funds this project and SCCARFS PCP..)

It’s very important to us that it is not a case of “from a pot and into a pan”..

Please understand that the welfare of the animals are our priority..

Also, all stray animals should not be neutered/ spayed immediately upon catching as they may already be suffering from other health problems and needs to heal first before undergoing another traumatic experience.

Not to mention they will also need to have a recuperating period after surgery before release..

As we all now know, animals suffer from stress too..

We at SCCARFS do not believe in releasing the animal until it has fully healed from the surgery and any other medical issues that may be plaguing them.

Therefore.. from the moment the animals come in, there will be many other considerations..

What we ask is that the issues be covered too as it’s not just to spay or neuter the animal but for the animal’s general wellbeing as well..

Let’s do this.. and Let’s do it well!!

Thank you so much, everyone..

Yours sincerely,
SCCARFS Pet Connection Project


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