SCCARFS Pet Connection Project – To Catch A Feral Kitten..

Hi Everyone..
Hi Lois..

To catch a feral kitten.. the SCCARFS way..

What you’ll need is time, patience, some kibbles and a can of cat food too (can food are usually much more tempting and works better if the kitty is stubborn)..

Unless the cat is used to human interaction, do NOT look at the kitty directly in its eyes as they may perceive that as an act of aggression on your part and thus view you as a potential threat.

Focus your eyes on parts of the kitty’s body and just glance over his/ her face every now and then to suss ‘em out.

Women should be better at this since we have wider peripheral vision.

Do crouch down to reduce the height or rather size of your body.

Imagine being close to a being 100 times your size. Think Godzilla! Think King Kong! That alone is already a very scary situation to be in.

The kitten has got to learn to trust you and not view you as a hostile giant.

So you’ll have to be patient and speak in a soft and gentle manner.

Do NOT raise your voice for whatever reason.. not even to call for Iris..

Let the kitten learn to associate your hands with food by letting the kitty see you dropping the food for him/ her and walking away..

You’ll need to walk away initially for him/ her to think that you’re not there to catch him/ her and therefore, you’re ok to have around..

If you can patiently coax and coo at him/her regularly whilst leaving some food.. fingers crossed, you should be able to get close enough to catch ‘em.

Remember to always have the pet carrier close by!!

Good Luck, Lois and Iris..

Thank you so much, everyone..

Yours sincerely,
SCCARFS Pet Connection Project


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