SCCARFS Pet Connection Project – Faizah’s Plea

Hi Everyone..

SCCARFS Pet Connection Project’s Reach-Out Aid Program has also pledged to donate two 8kg bags of kibbles per month, for the months of November 2005 and December 2005, to assist Faizah and her family in the care of their 40 cats.

Refer to

We will also provide basic veterinary advice via the telephone and if our schedules permit, we will be visiting them to provide basic veterinary care and assistance.

Thank you so much, everyone..

Yours sincerely,
SCCARFS Pet Connection Project


Excerpt from Faizah’s thread..
40 CATS!!!! need donation..
im working and i do spare money for the cat food and medicine .im shy and quite embarrased to ask anyone’s help and finally i am resorting to it. i have anameia and often take medical leave and this effected my pay. so now i need help to take care of my cats. they are all strays found abandoned and left to die at ti mes but under my care they have survived and now they are becoming sick as well. mange parasites and diarhhoea are the usual complaints. need donation. also i need to know if anyone does build house for cats or cages. Need money for that also but im working on it on my own. someone offred to build one for me for 2000 ringgit! need to know im not getting burned.
my future plan is to have a cat haven for strays. and im working hard for that. and if im weel off and have extra, a haven for dogs and other animals as well. i realized i can achieve this if i join others who have the samecompassion for animals.
call me on my handphone.012 9308732 faizah. or come and look for me or my mother and sister Zizi at 21 jln ibukota 1, tmn ibukota setapak.
CAt woman.


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