SCCARFS Pet Connection Project – Life’s Choices

Hi Everyone..

This little gal was found in a housing area..

She is suffering from a major case of mange.. and no way will she get better without human intervention.

In fact, her case was so bad that the mange has spread all over her head and ears and face. The mange was so thick and crusty that she could not even open her eyes..

If we had not found her, her condition will very likely deteriorate and the mange will not only spread all over her, thus making her life utterly miserable AND extremely difficult AND uncomfortable.. but she will also infect the other animals that come into contact with her..

If you were to see her, what would you do..?

Would you try to help her.. and maybe send her to the nearest vet for immediate treatment?

Would you try to help her.. by maybe sending her to a local animal shelter despite the possibility that they may end her misery in a less desirable manner?

Or would you just walk away hoping that she’ll be able to fix herself someday?

Of all the three options, the last act (or rather inaction) would be the most cruel and deplorable..

Fact number one.. She will NEVER get better on her own..

Fact number two.. Life for her is a daily misery with prolonged, acute and constant suffering..

Fact number three.. By walking away and if you walked away.. YOU have just condemned her to a slow and miserable death..

Life is full of choices to act upon.. Consciously choose yours..

SCCARFS Pet Connection Project


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