SCCARFS Pet Connection Project – Cease With The Excuses

Hi Everyone..
Hi Countess..

Thank you so much for your response..

You can bring the animals to your local vets and ask that they assist you by charging only the minimal for the surgical materials used and to contribute their time and expertise for free in such a situation.

That way, you’ll know that you have a good and truly caring vet who is not only interested in profits. We all need such a vet!

The job of a doctor is to save every life. Likewise, a vet should treat all animals.. not just the profitable ones.

Of course, please do NOT abuse the vet’s trust and try to trick him into treating YOUR own pet for free too..

Hi Countess.. You do not need to neuter all the animals at one go. Let’s all have a target that we can work with… say, maybe send one or two animals in to be neutered every month.

Can you imagine the numbers of unwanted births.. and thus sufferings.. we would have prevented if we all played an active part in caring for the stray animals’ welfare..

You can start with the male cats.. it’s much cheaper and faster to “snip snip”.. and as you all know, one male cat can “infect” many females with hardly any limitations..

We all can afford to spay/ neuter at least ONE animal per month.

Cease with the excuses and shifting of blames and let’s all play a part in truly caring..

Thank you so much, everyone..

Yours sincerely,
SCCARFS Pet Connection Project

By the way, I will get the minimal costing in spaying or neutering an animal worked out and post it in this site. Please do bear in mind that you do NOT abuse this information for your OWN benefit. Do NOT twist the arms of the vets for a better rate if you CAN afford it. This is only for the benefit of the stray animal population and for those humans who choose to sacrifice for them!
Charity is about sacrificing one’s limited resources without expecting personal benefits!


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