SCCARFS Pet Connection Project – An Active Role

Hi Everyone..
Hi Dania..

(Warning: Strong words based on personal opinions ahead!)

Siapa makan cili, dia yang rasa pedas..

SCCARFS’s Catch, Neuter and Release Program basically pleads and encourages (and attempt to assist though extent of assistance still to be decided) all animal lovers to neuter the stray animals in their home surroundings.

Obviously, this is to control the population of the strays and most importantly, to prevent future sufferings and avoid unnecessary cullings.

Of course, this can be viewed as a rather ambitious or even lofty idea but we all have to start somewhere if we really do care..

No point just claiming to care but not doing anything about it or expecting others (be it other individuals or organizations like SPCA) to take care of our stray animal issues and problems.

We all need to play a part for all acts of caring and helping to be much more effective and efficient. Otherwise, you’re just occupying space on earth!

We at SCCARFS do not need nor care for publicity for what we do BUT we would like and appreciate those with a true passion to reduce the sufferings of strays to join us in our quest..

Hi Dania.. We hope to finalise the details of the CNR Project within these couple of months and will most likely continue to tweak and improve upon it along the way.

Please feel free to contribute any ideas as to the implementation of this Project.

We at SCCARFS are ambitious!

We hope to be able to make this a country-wide project in the near future..

We believe.. Better die trying than to not try at all.. Better die trying than to do nothing!

Thank you so much, everyone..

Yours sincerely,
SCCARFS Pet Connection Project


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