SCCARFS Pet Connection Project – No Adoption Fees

Hello Everyone..
Hi Alice..

Actually, all the kittens are absolutely gorgeous!!

The pictures didn’t do the others justice and it didn’t help that some were much more interested in the surrounding activities than to pose for me..

Also, my new camera flashes red light right onto their faces, which kinda freaked out the older cats a little, thus the reason why many looked away from the camera’s lenses this time..

All the kittens pictured are currently a little over one month old with the oldest being about two months old.

Please do bear in mind that the adoption process is on a first come first served basis.

I would definitely recommend you dropping by so that you can get to know the characteristics of the different kittens before deciding.

That was how Liza chose her new boy. He charmed her with his exquisite laid back behaviour! It was absolutely heartwarming to see him cradling comfortably in her arms!

To all those interested in visiting us, please call or send me an email with your fax number or email address and I’ll fax or email the location map to you..

Oh.. and we do not charge any adoption fees.

All that matters to us at SCCARFS is for the animals to find good and loving homes..

Thank you so much!

Warmest Regards,


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