SCCARFS Pet Connection Project – Snatching Kittens

Hi Everyone..
Hi Suzy..

SCCARFS Pet Connection Project abide by the policy of NOT separating any kittens from their mother unnecessarily.

If we are unable to catch the mother in the first place, we do NOT touch the kittens at all nor do we go anywhere near it.

Only if the kittens are in a dire and critical situation that we swoop in and interfere. We attempt to interfere with their potentially untimely demise, that is.. as in the cases of the two litters mentioned previously.

That’s why we prefer to catch pregnant mothers. At least they’ll have a proper place to give birth to their precious kittens.. and not have to worry about food and nutrition.

The team at SCCARFS understands very well the laws of the stray animal kingdom.

Even if we do not completely trust the mother cat for whatever reasons, we will NOT touch or remove the kittens.. no matter how much it breaks our heart to walk away.

Our only consolation in such a situation is for us to leave some food and water for the mother and come back to check on them later.

All situations of kitten rescues by SCCARFS were seriously considered beforehand. All kittens rescued by SCCARFS was necessary to avoid further sufferings and miserable deaths.

Of course, this only apply to kittens still dependant on their mothers.

If we do come across kittens already able to “merayap” and take kibbles or soft food, we DO and WILL snatch them off the streets and alleyways.

If we can help it, we prefer they do NOT grow up as strays and mistrust humans.. no matter how valid the reason..

Yours sincerely,
SCCARFS Pet Connection Project


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