SCCARFS Pet Connection Project – Abandoned Kittens

Hi Everyone..

These kittens were found less than ONE day old, still with the umbilical cord intact.

Their mother abandoned them.. all in separate and highly risky locations.

A friend who found them called us for advice and observed them for half a day to watch if the mother came back for them and gather them up.

Unfortunately, she didnt..

So our friend had to climb over and into different neighbours’ compunds to gather them together. We were also worried about ants and other insects or predatory animals getting to them.

This mother cat obviously had no motherly instinct whatsoever. She gave birth macam tercicir benda aje.

These poor kittens never had a chance. Without their mother’s milk for the initial growth stage, they had it tough from the moment they were born. All the different brands of kitten milk we tried was not good enough.

We tried everything to entice the mother to come back to at least nurse them but she looked like she didn’t even remember having gave birth!

Please, WOMEN!.. you DON’T do the same as the mother cat, ok..

Anyway, the kittens didn’t last very long without their mommy. It was heart wrenching to watch them leave us.. one by one, despite all that we tried to save them.

Please everyone.. it is very important to have the animals spayed and neutered to prevent such happenings.

The animal does not have to be yours for you to help prevent sufferings.

If someone had spayed that momma cat, these four would never have had to suffer.

The onus is on us humans to make the world a better place..

SCCARFS Pet Connection Project


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