SCCARFS Pet Connection Project – Introducing Cash

Hello Everyone..

This is Cash Boy..

Cash was named so cos he spent money before he was even named! This poor fella has been through it all. I’ve never known a cat who has had more antibiotics than me.

Cash was involved in an accident and he was described as the “most broken” cat the vets had ever seen. He could not move and he had a bone sticking out of his hind leg but he was so alert and gentle even though he was in obvious excruciating pain.

Everyone who saw his x-ray gave up on him, except for Dr Low.
Dr Lynnette Low, Dr Loh Pit Khim and Dr Irinda Toh brought Cash back from the brink of death.

Many a time we wondered if we did the right thing. Cash endured many operations and lost one of his hind leg.

He has had more medication than many humans. That was a truly challenging period for all of us!

We tried our best to remain positive and took it one day at a time..

Today.. Cash has proven himself to be a truly amazing cat and that all lives deserve a second chance. He’s the most loving cat I’ve ever met and he’ll never fail to come running when you call for him..

Today, he can outrun me anytime!

Cash is SCCARFS’ mascot..

He reminds us that the sky will always be blue again, no matter how heavy the storm..


SCCARFS Pet Connection Project


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